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Welcome to Paddle Trails Canoe Club!!

We paddle canoes, kayaks and inflatables.   We paddle rivers, lakes and salt water.   We paddle for fun, adrenaline, scenery and wilderness.  Yep, we’re probably paddling something, somewhere right now!!  Paddle Trails Canoe Club (PTCC) is a supportive and inclusive community of paddlers who like to get out on water whenever we can and focus on safety and fun.  We invite you to take a few minutes to explore our site and, if you like what you see, to have you join us.  We always welcome new members.
If you are an active member, you should already have a username and password to access the site's members only features.  If you need help logging in or you have questions or constructive feedback, please contact our webmaster.

Canoeing News

Nova Craft Canoe just came out with a new material to replace Royalex.  We are excited to see what happens when the new material makes it out here!

Club News!

Training Classes Announced

Interested in building your skills and confidence in your canoe?  Are you a tandem boater that wants to learn how to strike out on your own?  Perhaps you'd like to learn how to surf better or just paddle more efficiently.  Paddle Trails canoe classes are just the thing!  We offer two different classes.

Moving Water - June 27th and 28th.  This 2 day class is for paddlers who want to learn how to paddle their boats more effectively and safely on easy rivers.  Students should already be comfortable in their canoes and can generally do well in their boats on flat water.  Learn basic river reading and techniques for navigating your boat in current.

Whitewater 101 - June 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st.  This 4 day class is for paddlers who are looking to improve their skills on whitewater.  This will feature more advanced river reading and more advanced techniques for maneuvering your boats in rapids.  Participants should already be comfortable on moving water and have boats designed and equipped for paddling rivers.
All class participants must be a member of Paddle Trails Canoe Club.

See you at the Spring Bash on May 16th!

Recent Trip Reports

Lower Carbon River- 2/8/15
Steve R, Daryl & Karen, Michelle and Don C. ran the lower Carbon River on 2/8/15. Flows were at approx. 1,000 cfs, which was a good flow for the river. We encountered one river-wide sweeper log, but we successfully avoided it and enjoyed exploring a new river.
S.F. Snoqualmie 2/7/15
Dale, Michelle, Leslie, Dylan, and Don C. ran the South Fork at 850 cfs. It rained a LOT.

Photo of the Month

Kids love canoeing and Easter eggs too!  Who doesn't?

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events