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Welcome to Paddle Trails Canoe Club!!

We paddle canoes, kayaks and inflatables.   We paddle rivers, lakes and salt water.   We paddle for fun, adrenaline, scenery and wilderness.  Yep, we’re probably paddling something, somewhere right now!!  Paddle Trails Canoe Club (PTCC) is a supportive and inclusive community of paddlers who like to get out on water whenever we can and focus on safety and fun.  We invite you to take a few minutes to explore our site and, if you like what you see, to have you join us.  We always welcome new members.
If you are an active member, you should already have a username and password to access the site's members only features.  If you need help logging in or you have questions or constructive feedback, please contact our webmaster.

Photo of the Month

Upper Middle Fork of Snoqalmie


 Holiday Green Lake Paddle

Paddle with the Luminaria
Saturday evening, Dec 10th

Come and help us celebrate the Holiday Season at PTCC’s annual Parade of Lighted Christmas Canoes and holiday Party Pot Luck. The pathway around Green Lake will be lit up with thousands of luminaries. Carolers will be filling the night air with song. PTCC paddlers will be filling the lake with decorated Canoes. Don’t have battery powered canoe decorations? No problem, we have plenty! Please call early to reserve which decorations you want.  I always have plenty of 12-volt lights. This year I should also have enough batteries for everyone but if you have a dependable 12v battery  please bring it. Some of the decoration options can be viewed in PTCC photo gallery. Some of the décor options  include, the Grinch boat, Snoopy Santa, Snoopy and Woodstock dog house, Xmas candy boat, Winnie the Pooh Tigger boat, Frosty The Pirate, various other snowmen. Xmas ducks. Be cool penguin, Penguin riding Walrus, Polar Bear, & Xmas Elf

 If you don’t feel like getting out on the water come see this event and take pictures. We start at south end of lake at the (Boat House) and go counter clockwise around lake. We want to be on the water between 6:00 and 6:30. Everyone is invited to join us at the Pot Luck Party held at Pat & Sarah’s home afterwards starting around 9:00 PM


Club News

 2016 Additional Classes Coming UP!



Trip Coordinator Training, Sat. Nov 5th

Do you want to get your favorite river on the club trip schedule?  Like many of you, I have a few favorite river sections that I just love to paddle.  By signing up to be a trip coordinator for trips on the annual PTCC calendar of events, I can be sure I have a chance to paddle those sections with my friends in the club. 


If you've never been a trip coordinator and want to know what is involved, this 1-day training will fill you in on what a trip coordinator does to pull off a successful club trip.  To make this a fun event, we're going to integrate the training with a typical mellow (class I+ or easy II) river section.  There will be several experienced trip coordinators who can help answer all your questions about what it takes to be a successful trip coordinator. 


We'll start with a 45-minute talk at the put-in that covers what a trip coordinator does prior to, during, and after the trip.  Then, we'll head down the river and spend time discussing what a trip coordinator is doing and thinking about with regards to the group's safety and making the trip an enjoyable experience for everyone.  After we get off the river, we'll head for a local establishment to review and recap the day. 


Each year we put the PTCC trip schedule together in February and March.  This training will help you decide if you want to be a trip coordinator for one of your favorite trips in the 2017 calendar. 


"Old Salt" coordinators are also encouraged to join us on this trip to impart their insights on what it takes to have a fun, safe, and exciting trip. 


Also, anyone is welcome on this trip--just know that we'll be going a bit slower than normal and stopping to discuss any interesting features we pass on the river.


The river section we'll float for this training will depend on water levels at the time of the trip, but currently, we're planning on doing the Snoqualmie from Plum Landing down to Neal Road (Class I+). This section has several hazards that are great for training new coordinators on what to watch out for when leading a trip!


  (Click for bigger image)

Transect Films Captures Paddle Trails in Action
In mid-July Paddle Trails was contacted by Transect Films to help film a public service announcement advocating for healthy streams and rivers that feed into Puget Sound.  We were headed to the Sauk the following weekend and offered for them to join us.  Here is some lovely footage they offered in return for our services.
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events