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Whether you just acquired a canoe or kayak or you've been paddling for years, there are great ways for you to get involved with Paddle Trails Canoe Club. We are a fun, supportive community of paddlers who love to paddle in great company and support those who want to advance their paddling skills as well as those who are just in it for the community. Here are some great reasons to join.  If you're already a member, learn how you can get involved below.

Ready to join? Member Registration

Note: New member registrations received after August 1st are good for 15 months so if you join in July of 2018, you don't need to renew until October 31st of 2019.
(This does not apply to renewals.)

Introductory Paddling

These trips and courses are great for folks who are new to paddling, paddling with kids, or interested in easy, low-risk water. (note that most river trips require basic moving water experience, which can be gained in the June 3-4 Intro to Rivers class)

Advanced Beginner Paddling

These trips and courses are great for paddlers who have some experience on whitewater, those with whitewater experience who are new to the area and interested in getting to know Washington rivers, and those looking for a challenge with new whitewater skills.

Intermediate-Advanced Paddling

These trips and courses are great for those with significant experience in Class II+ or higher

Sample Introductory Paddling Opportunities

May 20 - Spring Bash

June 3-4 - Intro To Canoeing Rivers Class

June 24 - Skykomish River I+-II

July 15 - Lake Canoeing Class

July 22 - Yakima River II

July 27 - Stroke Clinic And Practice

July 29-30 - River Safety Class

August 19 - Baker Lake  

August 27 - Diablo Lake

Sept 9-10 - Yakima River Car Camping

Sept 30 - Skagit Eagle Stretch I-II

Oct 21 - Fall Bash

Dec 9 - Green Lake Christmas Canoe

Jan 6, 2018 - Skagit River Eagle Float

Sample Beginner to Intermediate Paddling Opportunities

May 20 - Spring Bash

Jun 9-10 & 17-18 -Introduction To Canoeing Whitewater II-II+

Jun 30-Jul 4 - Methow River NW Kanufest

July 8 - Leaders Choice II-II+

July 15-16 - Hoh River Weekend II-II+

July 16 - Leaders Choice II-II+ 

July 29 - Club Stretch

July 29-30 - River Safety Class

Aug 19 -Leader's Choice II+

Aug 26 & Labor Day Weekend - Canoe Tripping Class - 8/26/2017

Sept 23 - Leader's Choice II/II+

Oct 14 - Leaders Choice II-II+

Oct 15 - Powerhouse II+

Oct 21 - Fall Bash

Nov 25 - Too Much Turkey

Dec 2 - NF Stillaguamish

Jan 27 - Winter Wonderland

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events